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Creating Home Assistant status dashboard

My favorite aspect of my Home Assistant Lovelace UI is a status overview dashboard that I built using the default Markdown card and a few simple YAML scripts. In this article, I will show you examples that you can easily customize for your own dashboard.
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Universal TV control with Home Assistant

The smart TV standards are very fragmented and universal TV remotes are slowly disappearing, but thanks to Home Assistant, you can build your own TV control interface. In this post, I will walk you through my setup and show a few Lovelace UI examples.
Channels DVR
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Channels DVR: The best solution to IPTV streaming

The world of streaming TV is complicated. If you are like me, you probably have a number of apps that serve anything from traditional TV channels, and video on demand to other local media. So many apps including native solutions from Google and Apple have tried to make the "TV super app", but none of them have come anywhere close this goal. That is why I was fairly skeptical when I heard positive community reviews about an independent app Channels: Whole Home DVR.
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Using cloud VPS as a proxy to access blocked content

For years, I have relied on commercial VPN providers to access geo-restricted content on the internet. Commercial VPN is simple - for $3-5/month, you can pick any VPN server around the world, protect your privacy and mask your real IP address. However, I was not always satisfied with the bandwidth I was getting and wanted to experiment with other protocols besides the most prevalent OpenVPN.
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Create parental controls on your network

In this article, I will go over a number of solutions that will enable you to control which websites and apps can serve content to your kids using DNS blocking techniques.
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