Getting started with Homebridge

Installing Homebridge plug-ins

Now when you have Homebridge up and running, you need to add plug-ins for your specific devices. You can browse through 2,000+ available plug-ins via NMP directory (make sure you are using keywords:homebridge-plugin in your search term).

Some popular plug-ins include:

In some cases, you will see multiple plug-ins for the same device. Pay close attention to the date of last update (some plug-ins have not been updated for 2+ years), number of weekly downloads and number of previously released versions. These three factors are typically a good indicator of plug-in quality.

The easies way to install a plugin is to use the Homebridge UI X interface running at http://localhost:8080/. Go into Plugins tab in the top bar and enter the name of the plug-in in the search field (e.g., “Logitech Harmony”). Select the right version of the plugin and click on Install. You should now be able to see the installed plug-in – click on Settings and finish configuration using the UI (see example below). When you are done, make sure you restart Homebridge and watch for any errors in the logs (using the main dashboard). Shortly after the restart, your device (or devices) will appear in your iOS Home app.

Configuration of Harmony Hub plug-in
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